Phil was born in Staten Island, New York to Philip and Roseann Eichinger. He was the first child and grandchild to the family. As a youngster, he spent many of his days entertaining himself, building the foundation for his creativity. He enjoyed drawing cartoons, family portraits and war scenes.

Phil’s father was a major influence on him as a child. His father, a retired National Army Guardsman, would take Phil to the Staten Island National Guard. There he would climb on tanks and wreckers, use rocks as grenades and simply play army while visualizing a whole other world. When Phil was not with his father, he was home with his fantastic and loving mother. He enjoyed playing GI Joe’s, soccer, collecting baseball cards, eating sugar cubes and anything that involved his imagination.

Phil played soccer as a youngster, but always enjoyed the sport of hockey.  His father took him to his first game in 1985, Devils vs. Rangers at Madison Square Garden. This sparked a new fire within Phil, a passion for hockey. That following year, the family had packed up and moved to Howell, NJ and Phil signed up for his first ice hockey team, Old Bridge Wings. There he played on the team for 7 seasons. This passion continued through college, where Phil played at County College of Morris and then at Monmouth University where he earned his Fine Arts Degree.

After college, Phil found out that he would still be able to play if he enrolled in graduate school. So, that is what he did. After two more years of collegiate hockey, Phil wanted more. He was determined to take his career to the next level. For over two years, he was resilient in trying out for semi-professional leagues in Canada and the U.S. In 2003, Phil earned a spot in the IIHL, playing for the Ohio Valley Ice Cats. He played for only a short time, as the league folded.

Unsure of what to do with his life and feeling somewhat defeated, Phil needed a new plan. But that plan would not come for a few years. Over the next few years, Phil managed a baseball card shop, combining his love of baseball and sports with the reality of making a living. During this time, Phil also wrote and self-published a fictional novel and worked on his art, creating such pieces that incorporated cigarettes and wax. Then one August day in 2005, Phil saw Glengarry Glen Ross at the Bernard B. Jacobs Theatre in New York City and a new fire was ignited.

Inspired by this play, Phil enrolled in an acting course at the local community college. There, he took a class on Contemporary and Improvisational Acting, where Phil’s natural ability took over. He was told by his professors that he had a genuine talent for listening and reacting and should start auditioning. Without any knowledge on how to do this, Phil searched the internet and found local community theatres and student films to audition for. His first role was Dale Harding, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, at the same community college he had taken the acting class. While on stage, Phil felt very comfortable and free. He knew this was what he should be doing.

Over the next twelve years, Phil continued to focus strictly on acting. Having the support from his family and friends, Phil was able to put all his efforts into auditioning and choosing projects that inspire and challenge him. In addition to acting, Phil continues to make every attempt to succeed in the art world. In 2013 he completed the improvisational program at the Upright Citizens Brigade, was accepted to the Advanced Harold Program and continued in the Character program. He is a lyricist and plays guitar, drums and piano. Aside from his musical flair, Phil has written a handful of plays and short films. One of which, Suits Don’t Matter, recently winning multiple awards within the 2017 Festival circuit. Today he continues to maintain his natural artistic expertise and vision with constant inventive art.

When Phil is not doing all of the above you can find this joyously married Renaissance man, CrossFitting and completely renovating his 1958 Cape Cod home in Rahway, New Jersey with his father.